Ink for Ruling and Notebooks

These Inks are meant for printing on Forms, Notebooks and other Stationery. We also have on offer a premium range in this segment wherein the print is water-resistant and will not “bleed”

MachineOn-Line/ Off-line Single/ Multi-station Flexo Printers
ProductNotebooks, Examination Sheets, Survey Sheets.
Plate SpecificationsSuitable for low thickness plates. Ink Suitable for line job.
Colour SystemOpaque Inks available.
Shade MatchingOnly Fixed Shades available. Please check with our executive.

Ink Properties

Ink SystemBoth Dye and Pigment Based Inks available
CMYK SeriesNot Available.
Rub ResistanceLow/ Not required.
Water ResistancePoor for some Dye based Inks. Good for all Pigment based Inks.
DryingNeeds blowers for very high speed machines
RoHS ComplianceNo for Dye-based however, pigment based inks are RoHS Compliant.

Available Color: