Ink for Paper Cups

These inks are meant for printing on both uncoated and PE-coated board. 

MachineOn-Line/ Off-line Single/ Multi-station Flexo Printers
ProductPaper Cups, plates
SubstratePaper, Board both with or without PE Coating
Plate SpecificationsSuitable for low thickness plates. Ink Suitable for line and Half Tone job.
Colour SystemBoth Transparent as well as Opaque Inks available.
Shade MatchingPantone/ As per sample possible. Some Shades not possible. Please check with our executive.

Ink Properties

ViscosityLow to medium
CMYK SeriesAvailable.
Rub ResistanceStandard. High Scuff inks available on demand.
Water ResistanceGood
DryingNeeds blowers for better results if the Paper is PE coated.
RoHS ComplianceYes.
Toxicity ComplianceYes.

Available Color: